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Quito spreads its wings at another year of Global Birdfair

Quito spreads its wings at another year of Global Birdfair

To increase awareness and appreciation for the diversity of birds in the capital of Ecuador, Quito Turismo will be taking part in the second year of Global Birdfair, held from 14 to 16 July at Rutland Showground, Oakham (United Kingdom).

Global Birdfair is currently the leading birdwatching fair internationally, and is the perfect opportunity for Quito to make its relevance known before specialist media outlets, those operating within the industry, and bird experts. At this fair, the Capital of the Middle of the World will be promoting its birdwatching opportunities, an activity carried out in Quito for more than 30 years that has made the city one of the most important destinations in the world for this hobby.

Located in a geographically diverse part of the world between the Andes and the Amazon, boasting a varied ecosystem, Quito is one of the most biodiverse cities in the world for birdwatching.

Northwest of the city is the Chocó Andino Biosphere Reserve, as well as numerous protected areas to the southeast, including the Cayambe-Coca and Antisana National Parks, a must for birdwatchers, given the great variety of species that inhabit these areas.

Every year, the capital of Ecuador welcomes birdwatchers from countries such as the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia and other European nations who come to appreciate its great diversity of birds, which comprises more than 542 species. Of these, 64 are endemic to the country and one species of hummingbird is exclusively endemic to the area, the Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis), the emblematic bird of Quito, a city where another 55 hummingbird species live.