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One of the biggest Hollywood action blockbusters of all time shared top billing with a little-known meditation album for the most used inflight entertainment on Qantas flights in 2022.
Qantas customers spent more than 60 million hours using the airline’s inflight entertainment and inflight Wi-FI during the year, with usage doubling compared to 2019.

Topping the inflight movie charts this year was Top Gun: Maverick which, despite only being released in September, was watched more than 750,000 times. In September alone, an average of one in three customers on international and domestic flights watched the blockbuster onboard. Australian made movies Elvis and Falling for Figaro were also popular.

Flying high in the TV show ratings was Succession with more than 243,000 hours watched onboard, closely followed by the Sex and the City revival And Just Like That and Yellowstone prequel 1883 with around 200,000 hours of each series watched. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills topped the reality TV show list followed closely by Grand Designs Australia.

Proving that health and wellness extends all the way to 38,000 feet, the top album onboard was 417 Hz Mindfulness by Miracle Tones & Solfeggio Healing Frequencies MT, the first time meditation topped the inflight audio charts with 1.7 million hours listened to over the year. Adele’s 30 took out top spot as the most listened to pop album.

Customers also made the most of fast, free domestic inflight WiFi downloading an average of 18GB per flight, the equivalent of 125 hours of streaming music. Brisbane to Perth was the most connected route with 95 per cent of customers logging on compared with the network average of just over 60 per cent. Sporting events like footy finals and the cricket were popular with notable spikes in usage around key sporting events.


Customers also benefitted from Qantas’ new partnerships with the most viewed news sites from News Corp Australia and Nine Publishing, along with TV news provided by the ABC. Visits to the New York Times spiked 500 per cent following the Russian invasion of Ukraine as passengers looked further afield for world news. Facebook and Instagram were the most used social platforms followed by Snapchat and TikTok.