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Paris Île-de-France to welcome Brits during London 2012 Olympic Games

Paris Île-de-France to welcome Brits during London 2012 Olympic Games

In an effort to overcome the sometimes surly reputation of the city, Paris Île-de-France has launched a campaign designed to wow British visitors during the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games.

Entitled ‘Celebrate Your Victories in Style’, the unorthodox promotion will see holidaymakers offered a chance to win a free break in Paris every time a British athlete claims a gold medal at the Games.

Jean-Pierre Blat, director general, Paris Île-de-France Regional Tourism Committee, described the promotion as something of a “charm offensive”.

He explained: “We Parisians have not always had the best reputation among the British and this summer we are working with out friends here in London to overcome this.

“Every time one of your athletes wins a gold medal, we will be cheering with you.”

London famously won a two-way fight with Paris to host the games during the 2005 International Olympic Committee meeting in Singapore, after bids from Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated.

Three different trips will each show a different side of Paris

Holiday in Paris

To enter the competition, guests must become a fan of the destination on Facebook and register for the competition.

After registering, entrants must choose between the three types of weekend on offer.

Each type allows them to discover a different side of the destination: Impressionism, contemporary/trendy or lifestyle.

Gastronomy will be the common theme of these mini-breaks, and the winners will benefit from original, top-quality services.

After each British victory, the draw will take place and immediately be announced, allowing everyone to know the winner and to continue to play in the next final until the end of the competitions on August 12th.

The winners will be able to take their mini-break in Paris Ile-de-France in the autumn and up to January 2013.

To ensure that the campaign was equal to this grand event, the Paris Ile-de-which is reserved exclusively for British citizens.

Paris Île-de-France is the wealthiest and most populated of the twenty-seven administrative regions of France.

It consists mostly of the Paris metropolitan area.