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Over half of Canadian Air travellers have never received an upgrade

Over half of Canadian Air travellers have never received an upgrade, one of Canada’s leaders in online travel, today announced the results of their newest ‘State of Air Travel Poll,’ aimed at giving Canadians a voice to weigh-in on the biggest issues facing the travel industry.’s latest poll asked Canadian consumers to report and rate the best upgrades they have ever received on a flight.

Of the 1000 Canadian travellers polled, 52.8% said that they have never actually received an upgrade. 37.3% lucky travellers reported a bump up to first class, 6.1% considered roomier seats the best upgrade they have ever received and 3.8% cited free drinks.

When asked what three upgrades they would most appreciate on their next flights, Canadian travellers overwhelmingly voted for a bump up to first class at 82.9% followed by roomier seats at 74.1% and a free meal at 49.8%. Travellers would also like no one sitting on either side of them 42.2%, free drinks (25.7%) and a free in-flight movie (25.3%).

Interestingly, when asked what upgrade would make them switch airlines, more than half of travellers (58.8%) voted that ‘it doesn’t matter, they were just looking for the lowest prices.”