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ORR begins consultation on proposals to formalise Rail Delivery Group

ORR begins consultation on proposals to formalise Rail Delivery Group

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) brings industry leaders together on a voluntary basis to provide leadership to the rail industry. The RDG is focusing its efforts on identifying and delivering cross-industry efficiency opportunities through:

  Collaboration in asset, programme and supply chain management;
  Reform of contractual and regulatory arrangements;
  Co-ordinated Industry planning
  Production of a rail technical strategy;
  Updating working practices by embracing advances in technology and innovation; and
  Improvements in train procurement and utilisation

RDG believes that its voluntary basis may not be sustainable and the group has decided that it should be formalised by creating a company limited by guarantee. An obligation will be placed on key industry players to participate in the RDG by the introduction of a licence condition requiring participation in the group.

Tim O’Toole, chairman of the Rail Delivery Group said ”Placing RDG on a more structured footing will enable it to take on a leadership role in which it will formulate strategies and policies for the whole industry”.

Tim O’Toole continued “The government’s command paper expects the Rail Delivery Group to take a leadership role within the rail industry in order to drive efficiency and improve value for money for the passenger, freight customer and taxpayer. Formalising the group will reinforce RDG’s ability to fulfil this role”


The ORR has issued a consultation document today inviting views on the formalisation of the RDG and the licence condition to enable this change.