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Olympics hasn’t dampened London tourism, says ETOA

Olympics hasn’t dampened London tourism, says ETOA

While there have been mixed reports on visitor figures to London over the Olympic period, London is faring better than previous Olympic host cities, according to the European Tour Operators Association.

“It is important to emphasize how well London is doing compared with other Olympic Games, and what good news there is for potential visitors,” ETOA’s executive director, Tom Jenkins, said in a statement.

ETOA said London normally welcomes around 300,000 foreign and 800,000 domestic tourists per day during the month of August.

ETOA estimates that during the Games, London hotels will be occupied by more than 60,000 foreign guests per night. By comparison, Sydney had about 25,000 in 2000, Athens 13,000 in 2004 and Beijing 27,000 in 2008.

“Judged against previous Olympics, this is a major achievement,” Jenkins added.


ETOA also emphasised that there is plenty more room for last minute travellers.

London has more than 125,000 hotel rooms and has plenty of inventory available throughout the Games in all categories.

“In the context of Olympic tourism, London is set to deliver an outstanding performance. And there is still plenty of space. This is excellent news for last-minute visitors to London,” said Jenkins.