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Oceania Cruises adds new Cuba cruise sailings to meet growing demand

Oceania Cruises adds new Cuba cruise sailings to meet growing demand

Oceania Cruises has announced an additional series of journeys to Cuba in November and December 2017.

Ranging in length from six to thirteen days with departures from Miami, these voyages include the line’s first calls to Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, in addition to Havana. 

These new itineraries are now open for reservation.

“There is tremendous demand from consumers for voyages to Cuba and our inaugural voyages to the island have been a sell-out success,” stated Bob Binder, president, Oceania Cruises.

“An Oceania Cruises voyage is the best way to experience all Cuba has to offer with nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, warm and welcoming people and a burgeoning culinary scene.”


All voyages and excursions will fully comply with existing US federal regulations and the most recent pronouncements from the office of foreign assets control of the department of the treasury.

Aboard the acclaimed Insignia, there are only 684 privileged guests who are catered to by 400 professionally trained staff. 

Travellers will indulge in the Finest Cuisine at Sea in four open seating gourmet restaurants where they will dine on continental specialities along with the bold and vibrant tastes of Cuba.

Each of these voyages will feature a wide array of authentic Cuban dishes that were born from generations-old family recipes. 

Adding to the enriching nature of the journey, authoritative and engaging experts will deliver lectures on Cuban history, art and music or perhaps you will join a group of your fellow travellers in a Cuban staple, the game of dominos.