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Norway seen as most sustainable and responsible destination

Norway seen as most sustainable and responsible destination

Norway is viewed as the most sustainable and responsible destination, according to WTM London’s survey of the travel industry’s top decision-makers, with Costa Rica coming a close second.
WTM London’s Industry Report 2022 asked travel executives: “Which destination do you most perceive as a model for sustainability and responsibility?” and 15% opted for Norway, while 14% said Costa Rica.

Norway, an all-year-round destination for adventure and outdoor lovers, incorporates sustainability into the nation’s everyday life, with its energy primarily powered by hydropower; a sustainable transport network and speed limits that are lower than many other European countries.

It encourages visitors to do the same, inviting tourists to travel like a local.

Its capital, Oslo, consists of two-thirds wood and water and was named European Green Capital of 2019.

Costa Rica, meanwhile, has become a top destination for global travellers seeking wellness, health, relaxation, adventure and reconnection with nature.


The country is home to over 6% of the planet’s biodiversity and has become a pioneer in ecotourism, creating national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation projects in order to become as sustainable as possible.

World Travel Market London Exhibition Director, Juliette Losardo, said:
“More people are looking for sustainable travel options and countries such as Norway and Costa Rica are shining a light on what is possible and making it easier for people to travel in a sustainable way.

“The binding element to such countries is that sustainability is at the heart of the nation’s lifestyle and it follows that people living in these destinations, who want to retain their natural wealth, are encouraging visitors to be environmentally and socially responsible too.”

Also making the top-10 list are:

Maldives (13%)
New Zealand (12%)
Finland (11%)
Iceland (9%)
Bhutan (6%)
Slovenia (4%)
Kenya (4%)
Galapagos Islands (3%)