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New widget to find the perfectly proportioned hire car

New widget to find the perfectly proportioned hire car

A new widget designed by - entitled Find the Right Car for You - can now be white labelled to add value to other travel and complementary organisations’ websites.

The widget takes away the guess-factor in booking a hire car, matching a customer’s people and luggage requirements to identify the perfect car.

Pictorial icons of people, children, suitcases, prams and car seats are dragged and dropped into an adjacent car icon, which then gets bigger or smaller depending on the load, before giving a recommendation of the most appropriate car.

“Adding the Find the Right Car for You widget to a site is very simple and is a great added benefit for visitors,” said Ernesto Suarez, founder of 

“We understand that for many people booking a hire car is a lottery. 

“This clever widget will ensure customers are informed to book the right car from the start, saving time and stress.”

A recent survey revealed that while 82 per cent of men felt it was their job to book the rental car for their holiday, most admitted to being more concerned with the make and size of the engine than the size of its boot. 

This might explain why almost one in five (18 per cent) then had to swap their chosen vehicle, on arrival, for a larger one.

“Hiring a car appears to be a battlefield between the engine capacity on one side and luggage capacity on the other, although luggage capacity will always be the victor on the day,” added Suarez.

More information the widget can be found here.