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New sterling priced brochure - A first for Oceania Cruises

New sterling priced brochure - A first for Oceania Cruises

For the first time in the cruise line’s history Oceania Cruises has introduced sterling pricing and is launching a new sterling priced brochure, enabling British guests to buy worldwide, luxury cruises in a currency other than the $ US.

Sterling prices will be in all brochures featuring cruises starting 1st January 2011, including the new winter 2011/12 programme which goes on sale 15th September. Brochures will start to arrive into travel agencies from mid-September signifying a new level of commitment from Oceania Cruises to its British guests.

European Sales & Marketing Director Bernard Carter said

“This is an incredibly big step forward for us and will certainly lead to some of the large travel agencies selling Oceania Cruises for the first time, now that pricing is in sterling. To date we have sold to our partners in US dollars and they have had to convert into sterling before selling on. This created uncertainty for many agents and customers and the move to sterling prices will undoubtedly lead to a rise in demand, particularly as we are maintaining our policy of fully refundable deposit until to final payment date.”

Oceania Cruises offers luxury cruising on board three mid-sized, luxury cruise ships, Regatta, Insignia and Nautica, to be joined by Marina in February 2011 and Riviera in April 2012. The line focuses on comfort, cuisine and service, with a strong emphasis on offering the finest dining on the sea.