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New Sakura treatment launches at Okura Spa, Bangkok

New Sakura treatment launches at Okura Spa, Bangkok

In the Japanese tradition Sakura flowers are associated with the transient nature of life, a beautiful reminder to seize life’s opportunities and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Now you too can experience the wonders of this bountiful bloom with the rejuvenating Sakura foot and massage treatment at The Okura Spa.


The treatment starts with the choice of a pampering 15-minute Sakura foot scrub or Sakura foot mask.

Given that our feet contain thousands of sensitive nerve endings and support our body weight for much of the time, they really do deserve to be pampered.

The foot treatment is followed by a rejuvenating 75-minute full-body massage using Sakura essential oil applied with a smooth, gentle, flowing technique to promote relaxation, relieve muscular tension and improve circulation and range of movement.

This 90 minutes of bliss is a great way to unwind, lower stress levels and create a sense of well-being.

Sakura Wellness Secrets is available daily at The Okura Spa, Bangkok, daily.