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New app from German National Tourist Board

New app from German National Tourist Board

Apple has placed the new ‘Top 100’ app from the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) on its ‘New and Noteworthy’ page online in Germany. The ‘Top 100’ is featured in Apple’s editorial section of the latest and most interesting apps - as recommended by them.  Since its launch in mid-August, a total of almost 3,000 downloads have been recorded, with the highest ratio so far from China, followed by the USA and Japan.

This is the first ever mobile app launched by the GNTB and enables visitors to discover the 100 most popular sites in Germany, as identified by an online survey conducted by the GNTB at the beginning of the year. “Through the ‘Top 100’ app we will strengthen our interactive dialogue with our visitors and raise Germany’s image worldwide as a tourist destination,” said Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the GNTB.

All Germany’s 16 states are represented and the app features the wide range of different sights of nature and culture in Germany.

New application on all GNTB Facebook pages accompanies the App

As an addition to the new mobile app, which is available in German and English, it is possible to follow the rankings of the tourist sights in real time within a separate application on all GNTB Facebook pages. The sights are ranked in descending order and are continuously updated as people check in to the sights on Facebook Places. Users can also post comments or recommendations, and Facebook makes it quick and easy to share the app content with friends. As well as seeing the rankings change minute by minute, users can also see how other people on Facebook rate the sights. The content generated via the GNTB’s Facebook pages will not only provide input for the new 2013 survey, but also supplement the existing content for a new version of the app.


Links to the website

The new app is also free to download on the official website of the GNTB:  In addition, visitors to the website can access a new survey, which will determine the ‘Top 100’ in 2013 and which will be annually recurring. For the next 100 days, one of the ‘Top 100’ published attractions will be featured in the News Blog on the GNTB website.

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