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Necker Belle sets sail with Voya as its onboard beauty product

Necker Belle sets sail with Voya as its onboard beauty product

Virgin Limited Edition, Sir Richard Branson’s privately owned collection of award-winning luxury retreats has appointed Voya as its onboard beauty product for Necker Belle – the collection’s luxury 105ft catamaran.

Necker Belle recently introduced an experienced spa therapist onboard to further enhance the guests’ experience and therefore made the decision to partner with Voya - a certified organic skincare range designed to purify the body.

Helen Cain, Spa Manager for Virgin Limited Edition, said: “We are delighted to have brought Voya onboard. Their hand-harvested seaweed treatments are designed to complement the ocean surroundings, as well as purifying your mind, body and well-being which makes them the perfect choice to have onboard Necker Belle.”

Together Necker Belle and Voya have devised a range of various treatments for the face and body that will send each guest on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sheila Burnham, Spa training consultant for Voya, commented: “What better way of enhancing the experience of being aboard Necker Belle. I could see from the outset that the fusion of our organic and luxurious seaweed products partnered with Virgin Limited Edition would be a true meeting of philosophies.”