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Mövenpick Hotel Saigon on track for August 1st reopening

Mövenpick Hotel Saigon on track for August 1st reopening

“We’ve taken the renovation project as impetus for redefining hospitality as it’s generally been known, here and throughout Vietnam,” said Dominik Stamm, general manager and a veteran of other major renovations. “This means innovative promotions for business travelers, meetings, weddings, and other special-interest groups, and a new standard of service for all of our guests.”

The Mövenpick Hotel Saigon has been closed since March 8th, which management determined would be the only plausible approach to such momentous improvements. From the inside out, the hotel will be a more progressive, environmentally sound building that will both enhance guest comfort and make a better neighbour in the surrounding Phu Nhuan District.

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Redesigned engineering systems cut power consumption; recycled rainwater from the hotel roof is used in the chiller cooling system; outdated boilers have been being replaced by heat pumps and instantaneous gas-fired equipment; and a new, “smart” building-management control system monitors and regulates the use of mechanical systems. The hotel’s skin will help to save on air-conditioning costs thanks to double-glazed windows that provide superior insulation while repelling sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Non-glass areas of the exterior will also be painted with solar-reflective paints.

The reallocation of space throughout the Mövenpick Hotel Saigon has also facilitated the improvement of various guest services. A greater variety of options will be available to guests planning weddings, for example, with the hotel now able to accommodate mega-ceremonies as large as 450 attendees and personnel devoted exclusively to making every detail of the planning process seamless.


Already popular among business travelers, the hotel’s dedicated Meet & Dine organizers are expert at handling all the logistical elements on which successful meetings depend. Individual guests in Ho Chi Minh City will also benefit from enhanced Executive Club perks.

This good-neighbour approach is also evident in the Mövenpick Hotel Saigon’s co-sponsorship, along with its sister hotel in Hanoi, of a charity golf tournament on May 29th, at Kings’ Island Golf Club, outside of Hanoi. Benefiting Heartbeat Vietnam, the inaugural event, held last September, proved so popular that the Mövenpicks and their corporate co-sponsors decided to stage the second installment earlier than originally anticipated.