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Mobile app for visitors to Great Britain launched

Mobile app for visitors to Great Britain launched

As London became Europe’s largest free Wi-Fi hub in time for the London 2012 Games, VisitBritain has launched the latest edition of its Mx Great Britain app, a mobile guide to the UK which allows visitors to research and book their holidays.

The app is available for free on all major mobile platforms including iPhone, Nokia and Android. It includes information on destinations across the UK, along with some book ability for flights, over 11,000 hotels on offer, a range of tours, restaurant suggestions, a guide to attractions, where to shop and the best modes of transport.

The app is especially useful for visitors who want to make the most of their holiday. With London’s new status as the largest free wireless zone in Europe and the ever increasing number of free Wi-Fi hotspots available around the UK, Mx Great Britain is a highly popular app, especially for visitors wanting tickets to a West End show or to book tours to some of Britain’s best known attractions in between celebrating.

Analysts estimated that this year’s Games would be the most data-heavy yet, with some 60gb - the equivalent of 3,000 photographs - traveling across the network in the Olympic Park every second. The massive Wi-Fi undertaking helped show why London is one of the most connected and innovative cities in the world and was a major boost for the number of interactions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online sources being used during the Games period. Along with street level access, there is now free Wi-Fi at London Underground stations so visitors can talk about their experiences on the move.

VisitBritain led the world’s first social media Olympics with a global presence coordinated from London. Nearly 1.5 million people already followed VisitBritain across its social media channels. LoveUK, the Facebook page, offers a global social media hub and the @VisitBritain Twitter stream publishes round the clock coverage of all the buzz from Britain.