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Miraggio Thermal Spa signs Amanda Hamilton partnership

Miraggio Thermal Spa signs Amanda Hamilton partnership

Striving to change the world of wellness, Miraggio Thermal Spa has signed a partnership with Amanda Hamilton.

Hamilton’s expertise in wellness and nutrition will be implemented across the resort – making wellness universal and a strong focus throughout the hotel. 

Hamilton, who has created healthy nutrition and detox programmes used by a host of celebrities, has created a ‘Healthy Board’ concept; menu selections will be available on every menu in every restaurant allowing guests to feel confident that what they order will be nutritious as well as delicious.

Miraggio Thermal Spa’s flawless spa and exceptional fitness facilities will further compliment her wellness offerings.

The Greek diet is known the world over for its longevity and health benefits.


Hamilton has introduced her lighter diet programme with fresh nutrient-rich ingredients, utilising the very best locally sourced produce from Halkidiki.

Promoting an authentic, sustainable approach to wellbeing that is results-focused and holistic, there are no fads to her approach, instead focusing on nutrition that delivers results.

An early leading figure in the juicing and detoxing movement, now, more than a decade later, with her signature menus at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort she is expanding this vision further.

Hamilton states: “When you are on a five star holiday, everything should taste and look exquisite.

“It’s my view that the local ingredients from this incredible part of Greece are the perfect canvas.

“More than ever guests are looking to optimise health and wellbeing as part of a holiday experience - and to return home without the common holiday weight gain - and to any guest it will simply all taste delicious!”

Greece’s largest and most spectacular Thermae Resort, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort holds remarkable distinction of being the world’s first.

Located directly on the seaside, perched on the south-west coast of Kassandra, Halkidiki, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort effortlessly combines the clear blue skies, golden sands and the welcoming waters of the Aegean.