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Millions of Brits staying home for summer holidays

Millions of Brits staying home for summer holidays

Some 10.3 million Brits plan to make the most of the summer by taking at least one holiday or short break in the UK, with 8.9 million people planning to take that trip in England, according to the Summer Trip Tracker from VisitEngland.

This is likely to generate some £2.3billion in tourism spend for the UK economy, around £1.9bn of which will be spent in England. 

These figures compare with 5.9million of Brits who plan to take abroad over the same period

Around 10.8 million Brits are currently undecided about taking a trip away during the summer, with concerns around their financial situation and the weather being the main drivers of doubt. 

Up to 22 per cent are waiting to see if there are special offers or deals available over the summer period.

James Berresford, VisitEngland’s chief executive, commented: “I am delighted to see that over ten million people are planning to holiday at home this summer.

“The industry has a vast opportunity to inspire those still undecided and convince them that England is the place to be this summer. 

“If we convert even half of those who are undecided about taking a summer break in England, we could potentially contribute an additional £600 million to the UK economy.

“The trend for last minute bookings is strong; this coupled with the recent return of sunshine to our shores could provide the industry with a welcome boost.” 

The national tourist board also revealed that Brits are getting into the Olympic spirit with 10.8 million Brits having attended the Torch Relay or torch relay event.