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Maldives to build floating golf course in Indian Ocean

Maldives to build floating golf course in Indian Ocean

Golfers may be seeking out the water for the first time if plans for an 18-hole floating golf course in the Maldives come to fruition.

Under plans being put forward by Dutch Docklands Company, a series of holes would be built atop floating platforms containing two or three holes.

Each section would then be connected by a series of underwater tunnels.

The project – which is estimated for completion in 2015 – is expected to cost $500 million.

Backers of the project include Troon Golf, which would lend its expertise in design, construction and management of golf facilities.

Waterstudio, a Dutch architectural firm with experience in construction projects on rivers and canals, is also onboard.

The planned floating golf course would be located five minutes from Malé International Airport to give resort guests easy access.

Developers claim the course will have an environmental impact of zero, using technologies such as water-cooling, sweet water collection floating on saltwater and floating solar blanket fields.