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MAG launches carbon offset scheme with CarbonClick

MAG launches carbon offset scheme with CarbonClick

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has announced it will provide passengers at all three of its airports the ability to offset the carbon emissions from their flights in a new partnership with CarbonClick.

The voluntary offset tool allows passengers, regardless of their airline or destination, to quickly calculate the emissions from their flight and purchase carbon credits to compensate for them.

Every purchase can be immediately linked directly to the high-quality climate projects that CarbonClick supports in the UK and abroad.

For example, a return flight to Amsterdam from Manchester Airport can be offset for £2.14 per passenger and a return flight to Dubai for £11.54 per passenger.

Each offset will be split equally between two causes: the UK-based Woodland Creation in the Lake District on Lowther Estate, Cumbria, which promotes biodiversity and reduces carbon and the risk of flooding, and Promoting Improved Cooking Practices, which makes and distributes efficient charcoal cookstoves.


Use of the stoves reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and will and improve the health of communities in Ghana and Nigeria.

Buying one carbon offset credit removes the equivalent of one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Accredited, high-quality carbon offsetting is just one tool immediately available to the aviation sector as it moves towards a more sustainable future and works to support the reduction in overall CO2 levels from the atmosphere.

The CarbonClick offsetting scheme is available at Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands and can be accessed via each airport’s website, or through QR codes displayed around terminal buildings.

Dave Rouse, CarbonClick chief executive, said: “CarbonClick is delighted to be working with Manchester Airports Group, who are showing true environmental leadership, offering its passengers an easy and accessible scheme to compensate for the emissions generate by their flights.

“Travellers are becoming increasingly concerned about carbon emissions from their flights.

“Although most travellers are willing to offset their flight, the majority of passengers worldwide fly with airlines that don’t offer carbon offsetting.

“The MAG solution helps all travellers to do so in a simple, meaningful way with complete transparency.”