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Lufthansa launches foursquare-based advertising push

Lufthansa launches foursquare-based advertising push

German flag-carrier Lufthansa had launched a new Blue Legends app, allowing passengers to share information about their journey with others via social networks and virtually check in to airports, lounges and Lufthansa flights through foursquare.

This does not take the place of actually checking in for a Lufthansa flight, however.

Passengers are rewarded with ranks and badges for regularly checking in virtually to Lufthansa sites.

For example, users can become “Expert Pilots” on the routes they fly most frequently.

Early risers who check in before 06:00 are awarded the ‘Early Bird’ badge.

And anyone who racks up more than 388,000 kilometres with Lufthansa will receive the ‘To the Moon’ badge.

Badge by badge, regular travellers who check in most frequently to Lufthansa sites can become true ‘legends of the skies’ with Blue Legends.

Blue Legends, one of the first ten so-called foursquare Connected Apps, is built around the location-based social network foursquare and is available now in a beta version in the foursquare gallery.

foursquare is primarily used on mobile devices.

With this app, users can broadcast their current location via social networks by checking in.

Back in 2009, Lufthansa developed the MySkyStatus application which allows users to send automatic status updates about their flights to their friends on social networks.

And since 2010, Miles & More participants have been able to share travel tips through the MemberScout app.