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Lufthansa harnesses the power of Amadeus Extreme Search with Trip Finder

Lufthansa harnesses the power of Amadeus Extreme Search with Trip Finder

If you go on to today you will be offered a totally different way to search for your next holiday. The Trip Finder search tool has been built with Amadeus’ cutting edge Extreme Search technology. Trip Finder allows holidaymakers to search by their desired travel experience rather than being hampered by inputting restrictive destination details.

”With the Lufthansa Trip Finder at, even undecided customers will find the perfect place for a vacation,” said Marcus Casey, Head of e-Commerce and Mobile Services at Lufthansa. “Be it a beach holiday in Europe on a specific budget, or a short break over the coming weekend at a resort promising a minimum 25oC - the Lufthansa travel planner offers entirely new options for holiday planning.”


Using the travel planner is child’s play. Customers start by entering the departure airport and a maximum ticket price. A subsequent interactive map shows the customer all the Lufthansa destinations available at the specified price. It is then easy to compare the options with one another and narrow the choice down by entering individual requirements, such as beach, ski, golf, scuba diving, gourmet, nature, history, metropolis, museum or shopping. Once the right destination has been found, the customer can book directly. The offered search results come with a booking guarantee, for complete peace of mind.



“Amadeus has witnessed the evolution of a new type of traveller – the Amateur-Expert. We know, from our recent research, that consumers are demanding new and more intuitive ways of searching and booking travel. This new search concept and solution significantly improves the shopping experience for Lufthansa’s customers by giving them the power to quickly find their ideal travel options and reduce the time it takes to plan and book trips,” commented Amadeus.