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Amadeus launches Ticket Changer to combat spiraling administrative burden on UK and Irish agents

Amadeus launches Ticket Changer to combat spiraling administrative burden on UK and Irish agents

Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, today announced the launch of Ticket Changer. It will mean that travel agents can change customer tickets anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, saving staff time and resulting in fewer Agency Debit Memos since the reissued tickets come under the Amadeus fare guarantee.

Results from a survey conducted by Amadeus in November 2009 showed 61% of UK travel agents spend a significant proportion of their working day modifying existing bookings. In addition, 56% of travel agents wish they could provide more travel information to customers, but just don’t have the time. Ticket Changer addresses these pressures as amendments to tickets can be made in 4 automated steps, saving up to 25 minutes per re-issued ticket.


Elaine Seeto, Director of Marketing, Amadeus UK & Ireland, commented: “Our aim is to empower travel agents so they can give their customers the best possible service. Ticket Changer helps travel agents accommodate changes to ticketed bookings quickly and accurately, which means agents can spend more time advising their customers. It also allows agents to differentiate their service in order to retain and grow customers, whilst being able to generate additional revenue from being able to add value to their customers in the process.”



Simon Smith, Senior Travel Consultant, Cambridge Business Travel commented, “Ticket Changer has streamlined my working day. Modifying existing bookings is a fact of life, but reducing the time it takes allows us to focus on our customers’ needs, giving them advice and building customer loyalty.”


Product features at a glance

·      Shortened process: Ticket Changer has four steps to reissue a ticket, far less compared with existing manual processes and other competing solutions

·      Average saving of 25 minutes per re-issued ticket, which equates to £5.00/€6.00 in terms of staff time depending on complexity of reissue

·      Ticket Changer has 56 airlines available, far more than any other GDS can offer

·      All tickets issued via Ticket Changer are guaranteed

  * Available at any point of sale worldwide via Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus API v2
  * All types of tickets and fares can be changed regardless of original issuing GDS
  * All currencies and conversions are handled
  * Ticket Changer is currently available to all UK travel agents via the Amadeus Selling Platform


A demonstration of how Ticket Changer has transformed the working day of staff at Cambridge Business Travels can be found here: