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Libya rescue operation continues to bring Brits home

At least 220 Britons are still stuck in Libya, after 500 British citizens were evacuated by plane and by boat.

The 200 remaining are thought to be located around Tripoli and mainly in desert areas.

Fighting continues in Tripoli amongst protestors and security forces.

The Prime Minister David Cameron plans to hold a National Council meeting to discuss the tense situation. According to reports, deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has returned home from a holiday early in order to attend.

Cameron has said he was “incredibly sorry” for the way in which the evacuation was handling, which has been highly criticised.


79 British nationals landed at Gatwick airport of Thursday morning on a BP chartered flight. While a Foreign Office-chartered flight carrying 183 landed in the evening. A further flight arrived today, but numbers have not yet been confirmed.

A third commercial plane is planned to leave Tripoli as part of the government’s evacuation.

The frigate HMS Cumberland has collected 68 British nationals from Benghazi and is heading for Malta. From there, evacuees will pick up flights to the UK

Gaddafi says “Bin Laden to blame”

Meanwhile in an address to state television, Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi said that Osama Bin Laden and his followers are to blame for the protests taking place in Libya.

Speaking to residents of the town of al-Zawiya, Col Gaddafi claimed that youngsters were causing “destruction and sabotage” whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

While protesters have increasingly gained control of the east side of the city, Gaddafi continues his bid to gain control of Tripoli and western areas.