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LATAM Group announces modest return to flying

LATAM Group announces modest return to flying

LATAM Airlines Group will gradually increase its international and domestic operations during June and July.

As it returns, the Latin American airline group said it would seek to offer passengers more flexible options, lower fares and increased sanitation measures.

In June, the group expects to increase its total pre-crisis capacity from five to nine per cent, while preparing to reach 18 per cent in July.

The LATAM group understands that decision-making in these uncertain times is complex, and as such it is granting passengers greater flexibility to purchase and schedule trips with rates that on average can be up to a fifth less expensive.

Additional sanitation measures will also be implemented on all flights.


“With these measures, the LATAM group is responding to the connectivity needs of the countries where it operates and adapting its offerings to the requirements of customers in this complex scenario,” said Michael Rutter, senior commercial vice president of LATAM Airlines Group.

“The group is increasing flights, destinations and frequencies, and taking concrete measures that respond to the new economic reality that clients and their families are facing.

“Those measures include more accessible and flexible flight options, new sanitation measures and customer assistance services for passengers during their trips.”

During June, LATAM Airlines Brazil will operate four international routes from São Paulo to Frankfurt, London, Madrid and Miami, while LATAM Airlines Group will operate from Santiago, Chile to Miami and São Paulo, a connection centre through which customers can access these three destinations in Europe.

By July, the LATAM group intends to increase international destinations to 13.

Domestically, LATAM Airlines Brazil will operate 74 routes, while LATAM Airlines Chile will reach 12 destinations that include La Serena, Copiapó, Temuco and Easter Island.

Similarly, the affiliates in Peru and Ecuador are working to resume their domestic flights in June, with the Colombian affiliate expecting to re-establish service in July, as permitted by local authorities.

Until July 31st passengers can voluntarily reschedule their tickets online before the departure of their flight.

The first change will be without penalty or fare change (same destination, subject to cabin availability and validity of the ticket).

The destination can change subject to a fare differential, if applicable.