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Korean Air receives next generation B737-900ER aircraft

Korean Air receives next generation B737-900ER aircraft

Korean Air today received two B737-900ER next generation aircraft with innovative Boeing Sky Interior, upgrading its cabin facilities to the world’s premium standard.

With a 159-seat capacity, this new aircraft provides the state-of-the-art AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) system to passengers in all three classes.

Korean Air will first operate the aircraft on its domestic routes and will expand to short and mid-haul international destinations such as Southeast Asia and China in July.

Korean Air completed its cabin refurbishment project for mid to long-haul flights early this year and is the first airline in Northeast Asia to operate a super jumbo A380 service since June. By adopting the next generation B737-900ER aircraft, Korean Air aims to further improve its premium service strategy.

B737-900ER with Boeing Sky Interior provides not only the AVOD system, but also electronic power sockets and USB ports for recharging electronic devices such as laptops, MP3s and smart phones in all three classes.

With iconic menu design and touch-screen monitor, Korean Air’s ‘New Entertainment Program’, newly applied to the AVOD system in B737-900ER, provides passengers with an easy to use and enhanced inflight entertainment experience.

The New Entertainment Program consists of five different menus and provides 60 movies, 5,000 songs, 70 documentaries and various news items and short features. Passengers will also be able to search for their favourite songs by typing only the initial letters of the title. 

The 737 Boeing Sky Interior also features a stylish and even more comfortable cabin environment with newly sculpted sidewalls and new windows adding a modern and stylish touch.

The newly improved and expanded pivot bins not only enable passengers to load more baggage, but also help keep disturbances to aisle seat passengers to a minimum.

The LED (light emitting diode) lighting system offers a range of ambient light programmes, from soft sky blue hues to a calm and relaxing palette of dusk colours, while the new touch-screen attendant panel offers enhanced convenience.

Korean Air is rolling out the AVOD system in all classes and plans to fit out its 14 short to midrange B737NG (Next Generation) models such as four B737-900ERs and 10 B737-800s, which are scheduled to be delivered by next year, with the Boeing Sky Interior.