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Korean Air chief executive appointed to SkyTeam leadership
Dong Bo, Kristin Colvile and Walter Cho hold leadership positions with SkyTeam

Korean Air chief executive appointed to SkyTeam leadership

SkyTeam has announced Walter Cho, chairman and chief executive of Korean Air, as the new chairperson of its alliance board.

The appointment was endorsed today at a meeting of the SkyTeam Alliance Board, which is composed of the chief executives of the 19 member airlines.

The board oversees SkyTeam’s global strategy.

As a founding member, Korean Air has been instrumental in shaping SkyTeam over the last 20 years.

Cho, will now play an active role, alongside the other members, as SkyTeam grows from an established network to a digitally connected, customer-centric alliance.

SkyTeam has also introduced an executive board to its governance structure.

Earlier this month, Dong Bo, chief marketing officer, China Eastern Airlines was appointed the chairperson of this board.


Created to support SkyTeam’s focus on customer experience enabled by technology, the executive board is made up of senior business leaders from each of the member airlines who will be actively involved in implementing the alliance’s strategy.

“SkyTeam is entering the next generation of its life, these two appointments reflect our members’ commitment and broader engagement in creating the leading alliance of the future, with a significant focus on digitally connecting airlines to create an effortless and seamless customer experience, enabled by proprietary technology,” said Kristin Colvile, SkyTeam chief executive.

Effective from today, Cho will replace the chairperson of the alliance board, Michael Wisbrun, who has held the position for more than three years.

“I would also like to thank Michael Wisbrun for his eight years leading SkyTeam, first as its chief executive and then as chairperson.

“Over his tenure, he has overseen a strategic shift as SkyTeam moved from a network focus to an alliance with the customers’ experience and technology at its core.”