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KLM launches new smartphone app

KLM launches new smartphone app

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is launching its new smartphone app for iOS and Android.

This new app responds to the passenger’s individual and personal needs to ensure their journey with KLM is as easy and comfortable as possible.

As soon as the customer opens the app, it shows the most relevant information for that precise moment as well as the best course of action to take.

The app also incorporates a simplified booking tool, one-tap check-in, quick payment and an effortless seat swap facility.

All these elements contribute to a better and more personalised customer experience.


The launch of the new app marks KLM’s first step in re-defining its digital systems.

The flat, modular structure of the app together with its brand new APIs can be extended to any other digital touch point in order to allow KLM customers a familiar experience on any device at any time.

This will also allow KLM to analyse a customer’s previous behaviour in order to learn about their preferences and make a more personalised offer.

For example, the app will learn whether a customer prefers a window seat based on their previous booking preferences and thus will offer a window seat as a first choice in future.

Tjalling Smit, senior vice president of e-commerce for Air France-KLM, said: “With this new app we have reached the next level in anticipating our customers’ needs, keeping them one step ahead of their journey.

“And this is only the beginning. Together with our customers we will continuously improve and further develop the app and our other mobile services.”