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Kempinski reopens all hotels in China as Covid-19 lockdown recedes

Kempinski reopens all hotels in China as Covid-19 lockdown recedes

Following early signs of a recovery in the hospitality sector and the continued easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in China, Kempinski Hotels has reopened all its hotels in the country.

New safety and hygiene procedures have been put in place to comply with local government and World Health Organisation guidelines to guarantee guests’ and employees’ safety.

In addition, innovative services have been introduced as a business enhancement and guest experiences.

“Our hotels in China have done great work in ensuring the health and safety of our guests and employees during the past weeks and months, and we are closely following the recommendations of global and local public health authorities, including the WHO and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

“People here no longer look for the best hotel, the greatest dinner or the lowest price, but for the safest experience,” said Michael Henssler, chief operating office, Asia, Kempinski Hotels.

“These are unprecedented times for the hospitality and catering industry.


“Travel is not a question of price, but a security issue.”

The new measures include mandatory temperature checks for everyone entering the hotel at each entrance; the posting of public health certificates in public areas; daily air purification in dining outlets and rigorous enforcing of ingredient regulations.

Kempinski is also ensuring the frequent disinfection of all equipment; obeying local laws on social distancing in all restaurants and public areas; and complimentary sanitiser and masks for guests and employees.

Takeaway and online ordering programmes are nothing new for most restaurants in China.

However, for luxury hotels, focusing on the highest level of service and guest experiences, a takeaway service is a new business approach.

In response to the social distancing rules and ever-changing situation, Kempinski hotels in China have partnered with Meituan and Eleme APP, the two leading food delivery companies, and launched online food and beverage sales to ensure contactless services for their guests’ convenience.

Kempinski culinary teams have carefully selected high-quality dishes, best suited for long-distance delivery, and have worked on improved packaging to ensure freshness.