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JetBlue signs with Chooose to drive sustainable aviation

JetBlue signs with Chooose to drive sustainable aviation

JetBlue has announced a partnership with climate tech company Chooose as part of its ongoing focus on sustainability and advancing the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

By visiting the website, JetBlue customers will now be able to join JetBlue in championing SAF adoption through a dedicated climate platform powered by Chooose.

The platform enables customers to estimate the CO2 emissions of their flights and then address these emissions by contributing to a fund dedicated to covering the cost premium of SAF as compared to conventional jet fuel.

JetBlue views SAF as the most promising avenue for addressing aviation emissions in a meaningful and rapid way – once cost-effective SAF is made available commercially at scale.

Produced from a wide array of renewable sources such as agricultural wastes and used cooking oils - not fossil fuels - SAF is a type of renewable fuel that exists today and drops directly into existing aircraft and infrastructure with no impact to safety or performance.

SAF can lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 80% compared to traditional petroleum-based fuels while reducing particle and sulphur pollution.

In 2022, roughly 0.3 per cent of JetBlue’s fuel consumed was SAF.

Supporting and growing SAF availability is critical to increasing this volume and reaching the aviation industry’s emissions reduction goals.

By contributing toward the purchase of additional SAF through Chooose, JetBlue customers and can now send a critical signal of consumer demand for more sustainable air travel options and help grow the emerging SAF market.

“The call from our customers for more sustainable air travel has only gotten louder and louder.

“We are proud of our industry-leading commitments and actions but recognize reaching our aggressive goals will require the partnership and support of multiple stakeholders,” said Sara Bogdan, director of sustainability and environmental social governance, JetBlue.

“With this new platform, customers are now able to measurably reduce the environmental impact of air travel, as well as join their voices with JetBlue and our growing list of partners as we work and advocate for a more sustainable future of aviation.”

The announced partnership with Chooose builds upon the airline’s previously announced JetBlue Sustainable Travel Partners program for JetBlue Corporate Travel customers

“Chooose is thrilled to support JetBlue’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions by making it easy and accessible for JetBlue customers to take action on the emissions associated with their flights and to join JetBlue in its efforts to transition to SAF.

“Airlines, governments, NGOs and travellers alike must come together to scale the production and use of SAF and other low-emission alternatives,” said Andreas Slettvoll, chief executive at Chooose.

“This is how we change the emissions at their root cause, by giving passengers the opportunity to opt for alternatives to fossil fuel.

“We are excited to be a part of JetBlue’s journey to becoming a more sustainable business.

“Together we will make SAF much more accessible to travellers across the world.”