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JetBlue redesigns website and launches new iPhone app

JetBlue redesigns website and launches new iPhone app
JetBlue Airways today is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved and sites and introduces a new iPhone application, refreshing the look and feel of the airline's digital offerings with smart technology to personalize and simplify the entire customer experience—from the point of booking through the time of travel.  The refresh was developed in partnership with Rokkan, the airline's digital agency of record, and Double Encore, the airline's mobile application developer, to reset the bar in the digital airline space in a uniquely JetBlue-way using its core brand elements: nice, fresh, smart, stylish, and witty. 

The digitally-minded airline's new iPhone mobile application introduces on-the-go ease for booking, check-in, flight status, and more. JetBlue continues to expand its digital presence with geo-location and push notifications to help customers stay informed about important real-time travel information. The fun-loving airline is also rolling out some extras with the application including virtual postcards where customers can share their travel experiences with friends and family or easily post to their favorite social network. The app also includes features for easy sharing of itineraries, and even gives customers access to the airline's in-flight amenities, including snack and beverage offerings, movie previews, and even DIRECTV schedules for the duration of their flight.

"Every aspect of the JetBlue experience is focused on how to make things easier and more enjoyable for the customer, whether it's booking a ticket online or getting your bags at the end of your journey," said Vice President, Customer Connections Michael Stromer. "Our goal is to redefine the digital airline space with smart, beautifully designed products that add value to the travel experience and deepen the relationship we have with our customers. This is just the first phase of many where we will continue to build on the customer experience."

During the redesign development, JetBlue interviewed its crewmembers and polled more than 15,000 customers from the airline's JetViews panel, a group of engaged JetBlue customers who have opted in to participate in feedback sessions, to ensure the products being built ultimately meet the needs of its customers:

  • 95 percent of customers surveyed said they would be interested in a smart site that is aware of their active travel plans and would provide relevant updates accordingly;
  • 80 percent voiced interest in fares and offers based on their location; and
  • 70 percent said they would want to know about airfare deals based on their TrueBlue preferences, such as favorite or most frequented destinations.

Based on this valuable feedback, now features a clean and modern navigation, making it even easier and faster for customers to find the most important travel information for their trip.  The website also boasts Akamai integration for speed and a new targeting engine that is geographically relevant, sending messaging based on the customer's location, travel history and preferences that are seamlessly linked to the airline's customer loyalty program, TrueBlue. 


To create this personalized experience, members can sign into their TrueBlue account on the homepage, and once logged in they can view their travel information about upcoming flights without any clicks. Additionally, social media widgets are now prominently featured on JetBlue's website footer, making it even easier to share travel details with friends and family.  What's more, the new site offers an innovative new "Pick Me Up" feature, allowing customers to send their airport information to loved ones along with pick up location, maps and traffic information for traveling convenience.

The airline's newly redesigned mobile site offers increased ease of use and navigation with some of the same innovative features as, including a friendly reservations booking engine, check in, and flight status.