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IVC Media launches Hotel Unified Communications System

IVC Media launches Hotel Unified Communications System

Leading AV and IT systems integrator, IVC Media today announced it has launched a unified communications system for hotels, designed to bring all aspects of management, including: security, communications and entertainment systems, together for delivery over a single fibre optic network.

”The solution removes the need for numerous copper cable networks and allows hotels access to the digital age of totally integrated services,” explains Ray Harding, chairman of IVC Media.  “This has the advantage of enabling hotel services to operate simultaneously over a single fibre optic network, therefore reducing the cost of cabling and increasing ease of network management.”

At the heart of the system is the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON).  A GPON is a point to multipoint, fibre to the end point network architecture in which non powered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fibre to serve network terminals at multiple locations.  For a typical hotel this can now mean that guest room applications such as: HD television, radio,  video-on-demand, pay TV, fast broadband, telephone, in-room checkout, card-door access, electronic lock release triggered by fire alarm, fire detection, voice evacuation, automated mini bar billing, can all be all be supplied over a single fibre optic network.

For conference and meeting rooms, IPTV, audio visual systems, telephony, fast broadband, video conferencing, wi-fi and digital signage can also be linked over the same network.  CCTV and access control for the entire building can also be managed centrally using the GPON.

All systems and services are designed and installed by IVC Media and supported by the company’s 24/7 on call service, which can be managed on site, or remotely if required.  In addition, comprehensive and competitive financing packages are available on request.


“This is more than a glimpse into the future,” confirms Harding, “this is today’s reality, which can be seen as installed and in service at our clients’ premises.”