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Icelandair launches brand refresh with new livery

Icelandair launches brand refresh with new livery

Icelandair is introducing a new livery with colours inspired by Icelandic nature, including the northern lights.

As part of a complete refresh of the Icelandair brand, this is the first time the whole livery design has changed since 2006, supporting the promise of bringing the spirit of Iceland to the world.

TF-ICE, a Boeing 737 Max 8 named Jökulsárlón (after the famous glacier lagoon), is the first of the fleet to be painted in the new livery, with plans to have a total of five Max aircraft with the new livery in operation by the end of this month.

Icelandair intend for the whole Boeing 737 Max 8/9 fleet to be painted by the end of November alongside the aircraft maintenance schedule, a total of 14 planes.

Furthermore, Icelandair plan to also paint their regional fleet in the new livery colours, a total of five planes, by the end of October.


Icelandair’s new livery will have five different tail colours, representing different phenomena in Icelandic nature.

The bright Turkish is a representation of the northern lights, while the magenta signifies the collective creative power of Iceland, with just a hint of sunrise.

The cyan is the refreshing Icelandic summer sky that’s filled with light, and the bright yellow is the sun reflecting off waterfalls, glaciers, and even simmering magma.

Finally, the bright green represents the life that can be found, even after the harshest of events.

“Icelandair is delighted to be able to kick off 2022 with an exciting new livery design, our first since 2006.

“Part of a wider brand refresh, the new livery colours represent the different natural wonders Iceland is renowned for.

“From the aurora borealis, to the vast Icelandic glaciers and waterfalls, Icelandair’s new livery design celebrates the true spirit of Iceland,” said head of global marketing at Icelandair, Gísli Brynjólfsson.