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HRG online developments

HRG online developments

CO2 Emissions

Users of HRG Online are now able to view the average CO2 emissions of proposed journeys.  The data is displayed on the search results page.  Where HRG clients are also using the UK Rail facility within HRG Online, the results page will display a CO2 emissions average which compares the carbon footprint of both an air and a rail route.  HRG is the first TMC to offer a true CO2 emission comparison for air and UK rail journeys, enabling clients to make more environmentally informed travel choices.

UK Rail enhancements

UK users of HRG Online can now select a Seat Preference when using a Trainline rail booking.  This allows personal choices, such as a seat in the quiet compartment or with a table, to be booked where possible.  A second new feature is the ability to select a delivery address for paper ticket requests.  The address is dynamically driven from the user profile when paper ticket is selected as an option.