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Hôtel Rochechouart, Paris, Proudly Introduces New Signature Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace, MAGGIE

Hôtel Rochechouart, Paris, Proudly Introduces New Signature Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace, MAGGIE

Back in the early 18th century, Marguerite de Rochechouart ran the Montmartre convent with a masterful hand. An iconic figure in the neighborhood, she is brought back to life with Maggie, the dining room and rooftop bar of Hôtel Rochechouart, part of Orso Hotels. In the heights of Paris, Marguerite and Maggie are worlds apart: to Marguerite’s moderation is matched Maggie’s madness.

Having opened in April 2024 for dinner, the restaurant will also open on 21st May for lunch, with an exclusive offer on Maggie Rooftop, which will also offer tapas-style food in the evenings. Maggie Rooftop will open seasonally, between April and October, with a fresh and relaxed atmosphere, and of course the all-important signature cocktails, accompanied by spectacular views over the Parisian rooftops.

In the restaurant itself, the Orso team has given free rein to the Room Service branding duo, led by Hubert Niveleau and Gianmarco Gorni, to create a festive vibe and culinary identity that stays true to the dynamic neighborhood of Pigalle and their unmatched expertise. A successful shift towards a chic but relaxed atmosphere, fully embraced by locals and visitors alike.

While the original decor, from Paris-based architecture and design studio Festen, remains untouched, recently appointed Chef Emine Jaidene, under the creative impulse of the Room Service team, creates a delicious menu, free from the codes of the conventional Parisian brasserie and slightly regressive. A dining destination infused with a strong New York energy, celebrating flavors from here with a hint of elsewhere.

At Maggie’s, there’s a well-oiled ritual of sipping before dining. The signature cocktails—perfectly irresistible—set the tone and start each meal, alongside whelks, oysters, and shrimp, freshly sourced from Citrons & Huîtres, the brand’s seafood counter next door.


The menu centres around a series of sharing plates: a skillet of small Basque squid, merguez sausage with Taggiasca olives (you’re allowed to dip), finger fish with lime mayo (no cutlery allowed), and a “bikini” croque monsieur oozing with cheddar and smoked pastrami…

The main dishes resist convention: Breton lobster with homemade fries, thyme-flambéed sea bream that puts on a show—and smells great!—or gratinéed spelt with carrot and Mimolette cheese, a vegetarian option intended to make even the most dedicated meat-eaters drool.

When dessert time arrives, Maggie offers a nostalgic experience. On the menu: a banana (to) split, grandma-style rice pudding, and chocolate mousse accompanied by homemade Langues de Chat biscuits for dipping. Isn’t it great to feel like you’re 10 years-old again? No need to panic, the signature crêpe cake is alive and well!

At Maggie, the end of the meal is just as spectacular as the starters and mains.  Here, the finest digestifs are presented on a cart and rolled out to the satisfied patrons, to beautifully wrap up this gustatory show.

Six starters, six mains, and six desserts paired with a funk and disco playlist that makes hearts beat and feet dance. In the dining room, the platters waltz and push the show beyond the doors, outside onto the boulevard terrace as soon as the summer days arrive.

To celebrate the weekend, DJs come to Maggie to play on Fridays and Saturdays from 10PM, before inviting guests to continue their evening down at Le Mikado, the hotel’s basement lounge, open until 3AM.