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Hotel Internet Services Boosted by Beijing Olympics Technology

Hotel Internet Services Boosted by Beijing Olympics Technology

Hotels across the UK are being offered a significant advance in the quality of bedroom internet services with the introduction of Cytech Precision WiFi ( ), which is being launched with a new, patented technology to solve the traditional internet problems faced by hotels.

Internet access has long been a disappointment for regular hotel users. Many hotel bedrooms do not even offer wireless internet, while those that do usually have to share inefficient access and bandwidth with many rooms at once, all using a single wireless access point with its consequent lack of coverage, poor bandwidth issues and high risk of interference, weak signals and dead spots, particularly for rooms on the edges of the signal. The first hotels to solve this problem will gain significant advantages in creating a new appeal to business customers.

During the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, bedroom internet access taxed the minds of Chinese hoteliers accommodating international dignitaries, sports stars, world media and tourists. The answer was found in a new technology invented and patented by Michael Ma of Cytech Beijing. Installed for the Olympics in a number of major Beijing hotels - including InterContinental, Hilton and Grand Hyatt locations - Cytech Precision WiFi provided a strong, secure, individual WiFi service for each room, free of interference from other WiFi users and with privacy protected on a room-by-room basis.

Cytech Precision WiFi is now introduced for the first time outside China - initially to the UK - by Cytech Wireless Systems Ltd of Biggin Hill, Kent, in the first phase of a worldwide rollout.

Cytech Precision WiFi significantly enhances a hotel’s portfolio of services. Guests in each Cytech-equipped room have a strong, reliable, full-bandwidth signal which they can share with their own visitors for multiple wireless connections in the same room (in, for example, meetings) but which are secure from any other hotel guests - impossible with the current standard UK provision. Yet installation of Cytech Precision WiFi is simple and non-disruptive, with no interruption to hotel business as it is distributed over the hotel’s existing TV wiring and is delivered from a miniature antenna at each room’s TV outlet.


It can also be easily profitable if the hotel chooses to charge for the service, and can generate further income by delivering other paid-for services to guests on a room-by-room basis, with much greater quality, flexibility and individual targeting than standard, old-technology TV-to-room services.

Cytech MD, Simon Cheung, explains: “Cytech Precision WiFi is completely new to the world outside China. It hadn’t been done before because a large number of WiFi services in close proximity can lead to signal interference and a lot of unhappy users. It’s the patented invention in the Cytech service that gets round this technical obstacle and makes precision WiFi, room by room, possible for the first time.”

Cytech Chairman, Cliff Hardcastle OBE, continues: “Decent Internet access is as important as a decent bed in today’s hotel rooms but the technology just hasn’t been there. Cytech Precision WiFi finally enables hotels to provide or exceed the quality of business-class Internet service their guests deserve. And because it’s new, early adopters will have a distinct commercial advantage.

“Over the next two years, we’re expecting to install our precision WiFi across London Olympics hotels that wish to position themselves at the forefront of quality and services, but other hotels don’t need to wait. The product is already available, and is suitable for large hotel groups and modest independents alike, without any disruption to their business or infrastructure.”

Simon Cheung concludes: “This is the soft launch of a major new hotel technology. It’s available now and I’m ready to talk to any journalist or hotelier who wants to know more or have a demonstration.”