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Hotel Industry Could Net £1.2 billion From 2018 World Cup

Staging the 2018 World Cup in England could mean a windfall of £1.2 billion for the country’s hotel sector, according to

The leading accommodation provider, which compiles the annual Hotel Price Index (HPI) on hotel booking costs, made the projection as FIFA delegates gather in Zurich to decide where the tournament should be held.

England has to provide 400,000 hotel rooms at all budget levels as part of its bid and

believes each guest will pay an average of £98 (based on the Hotel Price Index) a night for their accommodation and extras like food, drink and wi-fi during their stay.

Alison Couper, from, said: “Hosting the competition in England will see a bookings bonanza not only for the hotels in the 12 host cities but also across the country.


“We believe it could lead to a £1.2 billion boost to the sector over the month of the competition as tourists and fans flock to the Home of Football.” has more than 130,000 hotels on its site, with a broad range in the UK from major chains to boutique properties.

Couper said: “This country is blessed with a fantastic variety of hotel accommodation covering all budget levels and should have no problem in catering for a huge influx of supporters.

“Any revenue forecast will ultimately depend on variables such as the qualification and elimination of teams, inflation and local factors but the World Cup should be extremely lucrative for the sector.”