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Honeymoon murder suspect collapses outside court

Honeymoon murder suspect collapses outside court

Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani collapsed outside court as he was leaving a bail hearing yesterday.

His bail has been renewed but the conditions changed after he was evicted from the Priory for violent behaviour. He will now have to remain in a psychiatric unit pending further assessment.

The millionaire businessman fell to the floor and had to be helped into a car after leaving court.

The judge heard how Dewani shut himself in his room at the Priory in Bristol and threatened to hit a nurse.

Both his lawyers and the South African Authorities agreed he should be sent to secure psychiatric unit Kewstoke where his aggressive outbursts can be managed.


Hugo Keith QC, representing the South African authorities, said Dewani’s behaviour had become so unmanageable that the police were called to the Priory after two days of violent behaviour.

Nurses told police how he had become volatile, shouting at staff and behaving aggressively. He also barricaded himself in his room and threw the contents around.

Dewani is also alleged to have thrown a cushion at a nurse, then threatened to punch her before hitting an office door. Because of the damage to the door the police were called.

He was taken to Southmead police station before being transferred to Kewstoke hospital where a Bristol judge ordered him to be remanded until today’s hearing. 

District Judge Howard Riddle gave Dewani bail on the condition he remain either at the Fromeside facility or Kewstone Hospital where he is at the moment awaiting psychiatric assessment. 

Judge Riddle said: “It was fairly put that Mr Dewani has no previous convictions. It was also fairly put that Mr Dewani’s most recent incidents are not sufficiently serious offences to justify on their own to remand to custody.

“He is at best erratic and difficult to control. I have confidence he will behave himself in the next few days.”

Judge Riddle removed the requirement to report to police but added Mr Dewani must remain confined to either facility at all times unless with a member of staff and the express permission of the psychiatric unit.

Dewani denies ordering the murder of his wife while the pair were honeymooning in South Africa last November.