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Holiday watch dog criticises Thomson

Holiday watch dog criticises Thomson

A pressure group that aims to protect holiday makers has criticised UK tour operator Thomson for continuing to send travellers to a hotel which has a history of illness.

Holiday Travel Watch has received ongoing calls from concerned holiday makers following confirmed reports of Norovirus at Los Gigantes Hotel in Tenerife. However it is unclear what is being done to resolve the problem.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director of HolidayTravelWatch called on Thomson to resolve the ongoing saga: “It is time for this annual so-called ‘Norovirus-fest’ to end – I call on Thomsons to take immediate and positive action to restore confidence in this product and to protect Consumers!”

Holidaymakers have also been airing their concerns on Tripadvisor.

One traveller wrote: “Both my husband and I came down with the Norovirus as did most people in Los Gigantes and not just those in the hotel.”


She added: If the Local Authority took note and acted responsibly recurrence of this terrible virus could be reduced. As long as tour reps and the tourist industry continue to cover up then this area will suffer as people stop coming to Los Gigantes.