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Hilton Garden Inn Launches ‘BizWords’ Mobile App

Hilton Garden Inn Launches ‘BizWords’ Mobile App

The free app will also serve as a professional social network and a practical tool for on-the-go business travellers.

Once the BizWords app is downloaded from iTunes, users are greeted by the home screen and prompted to create a profile, which becomes their business card complete with a BizWords job title. Users can “climb the corporate ladder” to more important titles based on additional interactions with the app. The app features a crowd-sourced collection of trending business buzzwords and phrases from across the country, and the hottest local terms - all of which can be viewed on a dynamic virtual heat map of the U.S. Users can add their favourite business terms and acronyms by simply entering the word and a definition - a leader board tracks business buzz words frequency.

“The BizWords app was developed as an extension of the brand’s “We Speak Success” positioning, combined with the insight that business professionals have created a unique lexicon of words and phrases,” said Judy Christa-Cathey, vice president, global brand marketing, Hilton Garden Inn. “We know that mobile usage indexes very high with both our business and leisure guests, so we developed the BizWords tool to give them a platform to connect, share, and have fun all while giving a wink to the business-speak we’ve all become accustomed to using.” The BizWords app also contains a link to the Hilton Garden Inn mobile booking application, which will allow users to easily make hotel reservations on-the-go.

Other app features include a word detail screen, which offers an entertaining definition and use of the word or acronym. This screen will also be home to a virtual map of the United States that displays areas where the game is being played and how specific words are trending across the country. To encourage friendly competition among users, a leader board will display the top 25 app users, allowing other players to view their business cards.

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