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Hertz launches ‘Certified Clean & Safe’ rental program

Hertz launches ‘Certified Clean & Safe’ rental program

The Hertz Corporation announces the company’s new protocol for rental car maintenance and cleanliness, Hertz Certified Clean & Safe, which is being rolled out to all Hertz airport and suburban locations in the U.S. For the first time, the company is sharing with customers each step taken, which includes a 35 point checklist, to prepare every car and verify the vehicle is certified clean and safe before it’s rented. Once the vehicle is certified, a card signed by the representative preparing it for rental is placed on the vehicle’s steering column to reassure the customer it has been certified clean and safe.

Hertz Certified Clean & Safe verifies cars are clean and safe before rental.

“At Hertz we’re committed to ensuring our vehicles are clean and safe before each rental,” commented Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and CEO.  “With the Certified Clean and Safe program, we’re taking steps to share our internal processes, and are providing a personal touch and added sense of security for customers, knowing their rental has undergone a 35 point cleaning and inspection process prior to being rented.”

At each Hertz location there is a dedicated maintenance and cleaning area where vehicle inspections are conducted.  Before each vehicle is driven off the lot, it must undergo a 35 point checklist, which includes:

Certified Clean:
-  Door panels/pockets
-  Dashboard and steering
-  Seats, front and back
-  Glove compartment
-  Windows, in and out
-  Mirrors, in and out
-  Cup holders
-  Console
-  Odors
-  Exterior


Certified Safe:
-  Windshield and wipers
-  Spare tire/tools
-  Owner’s manual available
-  Lights, in and out
-  No warning lights
-  Tires and tread
-  AC/heater
-  Seat belts
-  Antenna
-  Fuel

“I know first-hand just how important is it to make sure your vehicle is both safe and clean before hitting the road,” commented Joey Logano, Driver, Penske Racing.  “Before every race my vehicle undergoes a similar approval process that is essential for keeping me safe. It’s reassuring to know that Hertz is taking these same precautionary measures for each and every vehicle they rent.”

The program was piloted at three Hertz locations: San Diego, Dulles and Cincinnati, receiving high remarks from both employees and customers on the transparency of the program. Over the coming weeks, this will become a corporate-wide protocol for all Hertz rental locations.