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Hebridean Island Cruises first cruise company to raise funds for marine Conservation

Hebridean Island Cruises first cruise company to raise funds for marine Conservation

In its 25th Anniversary year of cruises on the Hebridean Princess, Hebridean Island Cruises will be the first UK cruise company to provide their guests with the opportunity to make a significant contribution towards marine conservation.

A recommended donation of £20 for each booking will be requested as the booking is made (guests can donate more, if they prefer). Guests will not be under any obligation to make the donation, but all the donations made in this way will be collected by Hebridean Island Cruises and handed to Sea-Changers a new marine conservation charity specifically set up to establish partnerships of this kind.

100% of the money raised by Hebridean Island Cruises’ customers will be passed on to relevant marine conservation charities and projects, with no administration costs subtracted. Sea-Changers will distribute the money to a range of projects, within one of the following areas:
·      Marine Reserves/Protected Marine Areas
·      Direct Marine Clean Up Action
·      Education, Campaigning and Awareness Raising
·      Species Protection and Research

Ken Charleson, Sales and Marketing Director of Hebridean Island Cruises said: “The preservation of Hebridean Princess’ cruising environment and the marine life which it supports is of great importance to the company. We’re delighted to have formed this partnership in order to give our customers the opportunity to give something back to environment they enjoy aboard the Hebridean Princess.”

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: “It’s great to be working with Hebridean and their customers to raise much needed funds. Our vision is to create a world where seas and shores are clean and healthy, marine species are protected and where, far from damaging the oceans, those who use the sea for travel or their leisure pursuits, positively contribute to the sustainability of the marine environment. Hebridean and their customers will be helping us to make that vision a reality.”