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French air traffic controllers stirke continues to seriously affect flights

French air traffic controllers stirke continues to seriously affect flights

Following the French air traffic controllers’ strike which began on Monday and will continue throughout the day, the French are suffering flight delays and cancellations.

So far, Iberia has had to cancel four flights between Madrid and Paris:
IB3402 / IB3403
IB 3444 / IB3445

Meanwhile, the franchise Air Nostrum has also been forced to cancel the following flights to French airports where it operates:

IB8750 / IB8751 Madrid-Nice-Madrid
IB8708 / IB8711 Madrid-Lyon-Madrid
IB8764 / IB8775 Madrid-Toulouse-Madrid
IB8620 / IB8621-Bologna-Barcelona Barcelona
IB8914 / IB8915 Madrid Madrid Marseille

The remaining flights are also being affected by this strike with different delays, as many have to fly over French airspace. This, in turn, is causing loss of connection to customers.


Iberia is doing everything possible to relocate to customers on other flights, but it is a difficult task, since these days off are dates of maximum occupancy. The company will gradually giving out the extent of the possibilities.

Customers have full information about their flights on , arrivals and departures section, or in Serviberia, 902 400 500.

Iberia is grateful for the patience and understanding of all its customers and its employees, who are doing everything possible to offer alternative solutions to passengers so they can reach their destinations as quickly as possible, despite being a factor outside the company.