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Hainan Airlines welcome new lounge to Terminal 2 at Beijing Capital Airport

Hainan Airlines welcome new lounge to Terminal 2 at Beijing Capital Airport

Located in Terminal 2 at Beijing Capital Airport, covering 726 square meters, Hainan Airlines has unveiled its new international lounge.

The luxurious location is equipped with more than a dozen functional areas, including a Chinese traditional tea art display area.

Also on offer are a leisure area, reading area, VIP area, and sleeping area, as well as showering facilities and a visual entertainment area.

The lounge has capacity for 150 guests.

Renowned designer Liang Jinghua, based in Hong Kong, led the project.

Enlightened by the beautiful scenery of Hainan itself and guided by its naturalistic aesthetics, the designer succeeded in presenting exquisite atmosphere with modernity and elegance in the lounge, providing a warm and convenient service before departure.

Not following the beaten track of extravagant decoration, the reception area design embraces tranquillity and harmony with oriental philosophy, embedded with exquisite elegance, patiently welcoming distinguished clients.

The view of ocean waves strikes clients once stepping into the reception area, which is designed in an open plan style and is decorated with soft lighting.

The ocean wave stretches from reception area to lobby corridors, weakening the hustle and buzzle during journey, purifying the airport noises.

In order to highlight the natural beauty and warm tunes of the lounge space, the designer utilised texture of stone and lumber, flavoured with the inspiration of lighting methodology.

The pure and natural atmosphere of Hainan Island is exposed to clients in a contemporary manner, fulfilling every single client with the comfy environment and tranquil state of mind.

In order to cater for the needs of a range of passengers, the leisure area is divided into two parts.

In the open leisure area is the family dining room, creating an the atmosphere of ‘coming home’, allowing the passengers to relax a bit from the bustle and hustle and recharge before taking off.

Neighbouring is the reading area, where comfy couches are introduced, thus allowing a passenger to stay longer to absorb the lingering moments.

The food and beverage offering has also been fully upgraded.

By co-operating with professional catering service providers, Hainan Air offers a variety of food to meet the needs of different travellers.

The menu will be changed periodically, while food festivals with different themes will be held.

In addition to the new Hainan Airlines International Terminal 2, the carrier will also invest in the construction of Xi’an International VIP Lounge at Terminal 3 and Hangzhou lounge, putting into operation in 2017.