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Grieving customer thanks Delta flight attendant for thoughtful touch

Grieving customer thanks Delta flight attendant for thoughtful touch

For Delta Air Lines customer Jeff Harper, one note made all the difference during one of the most challenging flights he’s ever faced. 
While Harper was at the gate waiting to board a flight from Detroit to Idaho, he received a call saying that Julie, his older sister and only sibling, lost her battle with cancer.
He was traveling to say his final goodbye but, unfortunately, it was too late. Overcome with emotion, Harper was very quiet and saddened during the flight. That’s when flight leader Alex Maysonet (BOS) and the crew stepped in to offer support. 

Maysonet noticed that Harper was visibly distraught as she walked down the aisle. A nearby passenger alerted her of the situation. Maysonet said she wanted to delicately comfort Harper while being mindful of his grief.

Maysonet gave Harper a care package with a thoughtful note inside:  “We are so incredibly sorry for your loss. Please do not hesitate to ask for anything we can do for you on our flight. You and your family are in our prayers. Thank you for flying with us.”


“I was extremely touched. I had to immediately pull out a tissue because it was quite moving for me,” Harper said.  

Harper has held onto the package for months and will continue to keep it stored in a safe place. His parents died a few years ago, so his sister was the last of his close family members. 

“It makes me feel good knowing this made him feel better,” Maysonet said. “The entire flight crew was willing to help gather items for the care package. It has always been important to me to make connections beyond just a ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ while we’re in flight.”

Harper spoke to a reporter at the Detroit Free Press to share his story and gratitude for Delta.  

“The loss of my sister makes me very sentimental. I’ll never forget the kindness of the folks from Delta, especially the flight attendant [Alex],” Harper said.