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Grenada Tourism Authority launches new awareness campaign

Grenada Tourism Authority launches new awareness campaign

The Grenada Tourism Authority is reviving the mantra ‘Tourism is Everybody’s Business’ with the launch of its new awareness campaign.

The campaign is a multi-pronged programme aimed at raising practical awareness of the industry and the role citizens can play in developing and sustaining the sector.

Spearheading the campaign is Grenada Tourism Authority product development manager Kirl Hoschtialek who described the launch as a momentous occasion.

She provided an overview of the campaign, which includes audio messages, video ads, thought provoking creative displays, memorabilia as well as a microsite that brings all the elements together in a comprehensive summary.


The videos address careers in tourism as well as preserving the environment while the creative displays utilise the design of the Snapchat filter as an innovative way of bringing across messages of sustainability to viewers.

Hoschtialek said: “They focus on key issues in tourism namely; customer service, hospitality, anti-harassment and the importance of the sector.

“Each message also reminds us that tourism is indeed everybody’s business.”

Grenada Tourism Authority chief executive, Patricia Maher, said the campaign would act as a link between the benefits of the industry and people; both important factors.

She added: “Tourism contributes 25 per cent of the total gross domestic product of Grenada.

“When more people sell tours, crafts, spices, fruits, vegetables and rooms, everybody gets something from tourism; tourism is everybody’s business.”

Following the launch, all messages will be shared via the media.

In the long term the campaign will keep evolving and move to the next level with new messages, strategic partnerships and competitions.