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Green Globe certifies HOST Meeting and Event Services in Germany

Green Globe certifies HOST Meeting and Event Services in Germany

Green Globe announced certification of HOST Meeting&Event Services in Frankfurt, Germany. The event agency is the first non-profit conference and event agency in Germany to be awarded Green Globe Certification.

HOST Meeting&Event Services operates under the premise of integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its own business operations, as well as into the implementation of the events it organizes for its customers. As a non-profit agency, its primary objective is to create jobs for handicapped people.

HOST Meeting&Event Services’ Head of Event Management, Siegmar Ley, said: “I am convinced that not only sustainability but Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is the key to success for all future businesses. Sustainability management is especially important in the event and tourism industries, as both greatly affect the environment due to high CO2 emission, creating large amounts of waste, and high energy consumption.”

“Sustainability management is important for our organization, as well as the events of our customers. As the first non-profit conference&event agency in Germany, we strive to organize all our own activities and customer events in line with the three CSR components: economical, ecological, and social responsibility,” added Mr. Ley.

Green Globe Certification CEO Guido Bauer commented: “HOST’s pioneer work in the event industry is remarkable. The agency achieved 85 percent compliance against our Standard for Sustainable Travel and Tourism and is committed to improving its sustainable performance. HOST has published their guide to sustainability on their website to inform and educate the public and continuously informs employees, customers, and suppliers about its goals and achievements in this regard.”


When planning events, HOST Meeting&Event Services’ priority is on waste management, responsible use of water and energy, recycling, purchasing regional organic products and minimizing CO2 emission. The agency furthermore focuses on using CSR certified event locations and catering, energy-efficient technical support systems and promotion of alternative transportation.