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Green Globe certifies Estoril Congress Center, Portugal

Green Globe certifies Estoril Congress Center, Portugal

Green Globe announced certification of the Estoril Congress Center (ECC), located on the Estoril Coast in Portugal. For years, the ECC has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the fields of operational efficiency and corporate social responsibility. Following the green trends in the market and striving to expand its commitment to the environment, the ECC has integrated a new business strategy, providing sustainable products and services for all types of events that take place in this venue.

“We started working with Green Globe in 2008, and are very proud to earn the international recognition this year,” said Pedro Rocha dos Santos, Director at the ECC, “To improve our efforts, we went through a reformation process based on five main pillars: Green Certification, energy and water efficiency investments, Green Events Program, stakeholder’s involvement, and intensive staff training. Our unique business model includes the continuous measuring of our impact and full compensation. The ECC is a carbon-neutral venue since 2010, and our certified recycling program allows us to operate with zero waste.”

With their “Easy Guide To Green Events,” the ECC offers green solutions to customers, and some of the best practices include an energy management system to reduce and control energy consumption, use of eco-certified cleaning products and recycled materials, and staff specifically trained in procedures on green events. Clients can choose from a selection of organic green menus, using locally-grown and seasonal products and ingredients. In addition, the ECC strives to improve the environmental credentials of suppliers, including hotels and catering companies, to contribute to a green supply chain. To encourage responsible event planning, the ECC developed the Green Fund Program. The purchase of space at the ECC automatically generates attribution of a Green Fund, determined by a percentage levied on the fee charged for the hired space. This fund can be used for the purchase of ECC services or contribution to local social causes and sustainable projects.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “We are extremely pleased to certify the Estoril Congress Center in Portugal. I am impressed with the achievements through their social responsibility programs, which set benchmarks for environmental efforts in the area. The ECC is a truly sustainable destination for corporate events.”