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Greater Anglia seeks ‘Adopters’ for West Anglia rail stations

Greater Anglia seeks ‘Adopters’ for West Anglia rail stations

Greater Anglia is seeking Adopters for St Margarets, Hertford East and Ware rail stations to help improve links with the community and listen to feedback about how well the station is serving passengers.  The voluntary roles involve regularly visiting the station, reporting back to the train operator on any issues that arise and coming up with ideas on how the station could be improved to create a welcoming environment for passengers.

The Adopt-A-Station initiative, now in its ninth year, has resulted in over 100 volunteers around the network adopting their local stations and is aimed at improving lines of communication between the train operator and railway station users, promoting and encouraging feedback about the station buildings and facilities to help ensure that they meet the high standards expected by those who use them.

Many adopters now get involved with initiatives such as gardening, helping with special event trains or running promotional stalls, as part of their efforts to improve the environment at their local station and promote their local routes.

Greater Anglia’s Partnerships Manager, Geraint Hughes, said, “The commitment that our adopters make is an important part of the railway’s links with the communities it serves. We look forward to working with a new adopter at these stations.”