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Great West Way makes play for American audience

Great West Way makes play for American audience

The Great West Way has begun marketing itself in North America, securing advertising in San Francisco, California.

Throughout the summer, a large outdoor billboard on Highway 101 in San Francisco has featured Great West Way advertising.

The artwork, created by brand agency Heavenly, features a vintage car driving over a historic bridge, with the messaging ‘This is England’s Route 66’ and ‘A classic journey awaits you.’

North America is one of Great West Way’s target territories and since the route’s launch in 2018, it has sought to inspire American travel-seekers through a number of PR and marketing activities.

Visitors from the United States are, however, currently banned from entering the UK as Covid-19 continues to spread – meaning any visits might be delayed until 2021.


Fiona Errington, head of marketing at Great West Way, said: “Throughout lockdown people have been dreaming of far off places and making plans for future trips. When the opportunity presented itself to advertise in San Francisco, we grabbed it with both hands.

“We hope that the artwork, created with Heavenly, gives just a small taste of the Great West Way, and will inspire future trips to England and on the Great West Way, when it is safe to travel again.”

In June, Great West Way also launched a domestic advertising campaign.

The artwork illustrated walkers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts in a countryside setting on the Great West Way.

The messaging ‘Don’t Follow the Herd’, encourages responsible travellers to consider the Great West Way when planning staycations.

The artwork could be seen in major advertising sites in London as well as across the website and social media channels.