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Great Lakes USA in sports tourism focus

Great Lakes USA in sports tourism focus

Great Lakes USA has launched a new dedicated sports travel brochure.

The region has seen a large increase in sports tourism, both in participating and observing and the guide complements Brand USA’s promotion of sports in the US.

Several high profile championships have taken place recently in the region, including the Ryder Cup in Illinois.

This event will go back into the region in 2016 in Minnesota and in 2020 in Wisconsin, a true ‘Ryder Cup region.’

The guide includes professional sports such as football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer and golf as well as sports activities and events typical to each region.

It also highlights the diverse range of sporting experiences to be had in the Great Lakes as well as include fun, unusual facts about the sports, teams and stadiums.

Great Lakes USA spokesman Toby McCarrick said: “In previous years we have produced guides on shopping, great escapes, winter and the outdoors but this year we have decided to tie in with Brand USA’s promotion of sports tourism.

“Sport draws people together and when you are on holiday in the US watching a sports event is a great way to add an extra dimension to your holiday.

“This Autumn, the NFL is huge in the UK and we want to tap into that interest and capitalise on it.”